Marine Extension Services for the Bay of Bengal region

Research, training and education services to create opportunities for resilient communities and sustainable businesses in coastal and marine areas.

Applied Research

Participatory learning and actions to restore and conserve coastal and marine ecosystems.

Ocean Literacy and Education

Capacity building services to build an environmentally literate workforce that is ready to work for resilient communities.


Safety-at-sea, post-harvest technology, well-being & sustainability services for marine & coastal artisanal fishing communities.

Marine Industries

Services for efficient trawl fishing, by-catch reduction, market diversification, and business sustainability.

Resilient communities and sustainable business

We are a public service unit of Sagar Seba.

At MARINE EXTENSION SERVICE, we are committed to serving communities and businesses with unique services and products in the coastal and marine conservation sectors. We work with a diverse pool of professionals to ensure services tailored to our client’s needs in the Bay of Bengal region.